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Preserving Fertility Before Cancer Treatments or Surgery

By: Center for Reproductive Health | October 13th, 2021 | Tags:

Far too often, cancer patients are unaware of the future fertility problems they may encounter after their treatments and surgeries. Encouraging these difficult conversations in advance can educate and help them understand how their body, specifically their egg and sperm count, may react to such treatments. It might be painful now to ask such questions, but they will be grateful, in the future, as their minds are set at ease when building their families and having children. Our Cancer Care Teams in the Spokane area are very good at advocating for their patients and patient’s fertility.  As a cancer patient, the only thing on your mind is the cancer and […]


By: Center for Reproductive Health | March 10th, 2021 | Tags:

During the month of March, we are coming together to spread Endometriosis awareness. Our hope is to build recognition, educate others, and honor the 176 million women worldwide suffering from this disease. WHAT IS ENDOMETRIOSIS? Coming from the word endometrium (the tissue that lines the uterus), endometriosis is when a similar tissue grows on the outside of the uterus. Endometrium growth is common on the ovaries, bowels, bladder, and fallopian tubes. Symptoms can differ from woman to woman and unfortunately, the severity of the pain does not indicate how much tissue has grown on the outside of the uterine cavity. SYMPTOMS Painful menstrual cramps, specifically in the lower abdomen (before […]

IUI versus IVF

By: Center for Reproductive Health | February 9th, 2021 | Tags:

Medical terminology can be confusing. There are several different acronyms you will hear when you enter the fertility world. Our friends over at Resolve have put together the ultimate list of commonly used fertility acronyms and abbreviations, I will link this list HERE. A few common ones you have probably already heard, specifically dealing with fertility treatments, are IUI and IVF. Today we are talking about those two acronyms, what they stand for, their differences, cost, and what’s involved in each procedure.   Let’s start with the less invasive option, IUI. IUI stands for INTRAUTERINE INSEMINATION. This is an outpatient procedure. The physician inserts sperm from a male donor/partner into […]

Infertility During the Holidays

By: Center for Reproductive Health | November 13th, 2020 | Tags:

Despite our best efforts, end of the year, holidays can be painful, stressful, and unhappy. A lot can be expected of us. We are under the pressure to attend various events, put on a happy face, and enjoy every minute. Experiencing infertility during this time can add a large amount of emotional stress to an already stressful situation. We may not be able to take away all of that stress, but we do have some tools for you to help combat some of those negative feelings and emotions. Our friends at RESOLVE have compiled an excellent list of Dos and Don’ts during the holiday season. When You Get the Holiday […]

Talking about infertility with your friends and family

By: Center for Reproductive Health | July 18th, 2018 | Tags:

An estimated one in every eight American couples struggles to conceive. If you are one of these couples, you know that it can be an emotional and sometimes isolated journey. At Center for Reproductive Health, we encourage patients to find people (friends, family, other couples, counselors) to talk to and share their feelings with. Our team wants to help you start the conversation about infertility with your selected community. We’ve seen celebrities and bloggers speak out their TTC struggles, but there is still a stigma surrounding the topic of infertility, making it difficult to have a productive, two-way conversation. Ideally, you will feel loved and supported before, during and after any conversation about […]

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